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The current version of the server is 1.56 as of March 26, 2004. Please update your clients accordingly.


Welcome to the -(HB)-HomeBrew Server. The Home Brew server is a dedicated Ravenshield  server  running Team Survival.

-(HB)-HomeBrew RvS Server

March 26, 2003 News:  HOMEBREW  has been updated to 1.56

We have updated the server to 1.56. Now comes the fun part where we spend hours putting the maps back on only for them issue another patch (*shakesfist at sky).

March 13, 2003 News:  HOMEBREW  WILL UPDATE THE SERVER TO 1.55

Well Athena Sword has finally been released to the public masses.  And most of the -(HB)- members will be moving to play it and still keep the Raven Shield server up and running.   And we will still be on the RvS server playing.   But in order for the team to play both I must update the server to patch 1.55.  So to everyone that plays on the server we are sorry but I have to.   THE SERVER  WILL BE UPDATED ON SUNDAY NIGHT AROUND 1:00AM EST .    You can get the two downloads here

Raven Shield 1.53 to 1.54  Download Here   Raven Shield 1.54 to 1.55   Download Here



Homebrew is proud to announce the HomeBrew Singles Competition. This will take place on March 11 (Thursday) night at 8 EST. It will last roughly two hours in length. For more information please go to the following link: HERE

The goal: To see who the best is.

Feb 9, 2004 News:  Server Updated

Ok everyone the HomeBrew server is now running the latest patch 1.53 released from UBI .  We have also included some new maps to the rotation and will be getting more customs maps on as soon as possible.  Come on in and show us your best skills and we will do our best to detect you.

Feb 5, 2004 News: New Member

Welcome -(HB)-DJ, the newest HomeBrew member.  He has been playing on the server for a month or so and has shown great skills and team work.  Its about time he joined us in the battle to rule the RvS world (lol). We are so lucky to have yet another seasoned veteran playing on our team.   Welcome DJ.

Feb 3, 2004 News: New Web Site

Well it has been a week now and from all the reviews we have gotten about our new web site  I think its about time to pay the man who designed it some credit.   And that goes to the one and only Drazen.  We are so happy with it and it seems so is everyone else.   So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 29, 2004 News: Server Updated to Version 1.52

Sorry everyone but the server was updated before the date I had posted. The best way to update from the 1.50 is the get the patch 1.0 to 1.52. Just install the patch and everything will work just fine. Make sure you have your CD key handy, you will need it. THANKS -(HB)-GrAnSpOrT

Jan 21, 2004 News: Latest -(HB)-Member

We have added yet another member to our Raven-Shied team, -(HB)-Xtreme. Xtreme brings in a different type of playing style in to our team. His playing is over the top, not a bad thing at all. He's very comfortable at playing the game. We do like that and are glad to have him on our team, Welcome -(HB)-Xtreme.

Jan 13, 2004 News: Newest -(HB)- Member

Today Jan 13, 2004 we added a new member to the -(HB)- team, -(HB)-Drazen. You all have probably played with Drazen over the past two weeks on the server and have gotten to know his style, grace, and killing of you (lol). He is almost always in the top three slots no matter what side he plays and with that kind of stature we are honored to welcome him to the team.

Jan 8, 2004 News: Second TWL Match

Well we had our second TWL ladder match Jan 8, 2004. And to our surprise it was not the best way to win. First the other team (Re- Rusted Poens) didn't even have members on the roster and second the only member that was their didn't have his PB GUID listed for his name. So with that we force a win with them because of rule violations. Sorry guys for that hope we can still play together later.

Dec 30, 2003 News: Newest -(HB)- Member

I would like everyone to meet the newest member of the -(HB)- Raven-Shield team, -(HB)-Donkey. He has brought many laughs to the players and given many frags to the rest of you. He is very good and that's what we like to see in players. So lets give him the same welcome we give everyone else who comes and plays on the server. Thanks for joining and have fun.

Dec 26, 2003 News Flash: First TWL Match

HomeBrew had its first TWL 2v2 latter match Friday Dec. 26, 2003. Its was against WSC (Wild Souls Coalition), very good games guys. Well -(HB)- took the match with little upset. The maps were Training 3/0, Garage 2/3, and City Streets 3/0. Giving -(HB)-HomeBrew its first win as TWL competitors. We look forward to more matches with WSC and other latter clans.

Dec 12, 2003 News: Server Update

Sorry for the delay on the patch to 1.5. I have been busy with the development of the web site. So as of Dec 12, 2003 we now have the updated patch running on our server.



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